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Tagliando chevrolet aveo

The choice was between budget cars in diretto an area of tucson 500,000 rubles (Polo, Solaris, and tagliando still like but chevrolet suddenly one of tagliando the sites saw her.
There was advertising.
Just stuffing stuffed in a car (hereinafter LTZ model) decided for themselves -beru aND point!
There I was shown my already Stopudoviy Chevrolet Aveo.He sat in the car and aveo went to travel expanses of Mother Moscow.Heated driver and front passenger seats.Three aveo months have not called them, went to the south in August, tagliando medio rested after started calling about status to ask (about them chevrolet I do not remember that the figures were assembled and sent cars) in September, quanto call Angela and asked what status the car,.It makes tagliando me chevrolet smile.True equipment stood LT but tagliando oh well, it was not until then.Arriving there, I was sent to the sales manager Angela (it was she who became my consultant and manager of all time, to the obtaining of cars) Promised, she told him about a lot of interesting cars, sat behind the wheel in the cabin (clambered.In short everything it was great, but not quite We had to wait for TCP cost fucking.In next day, I signed up for a test drive. One fine evening, I wandered on auto the tagliando internet in aveo search of aveo another car to buy to replace foltsvagenu.
(Done) /a 41 Gills in the hood (in tagliando the process) /a 42 New Year in Belarus /a 43 body kit it is part of fiat GM 1 /a 44 body kit it is part of simile GM 2 /a 45 Chevy Sonic 2012 Crash Test /a.
(Done) /a 54 Navipilot Droid for Aveo (done) /a 55 Installing multimedia center "Navipilot Droid" (done) /a 56 Painting brake calipers and drums (done) /a 57 Noise roof 58 Setting the rear view camera (made) /a 59 Light indication of open door 60 Noise floor.
After passing a couple of laps, feeling frisky motor (noise did not matter then) automatic gearbox (the first for me, all the cars were on the handle) the interior of the passenger compartment and driver's seat convenience, easy handling and steering.
As time went on, I sat and read the literature (description, characteristics, etc.) watching videos on YouTube.
Alloy wheels 16 ".
At that time, it was tagliando proposed in the auto assembly LT and wait 1-2 months, but fiat to learn from the internet and from herself about another full integration and even almost for the same money, but with a six-month waiting told myself -Be wait!Nearly a month call your car in the suburbs autocart bring us into the cabin in a parking lot and a couple of days (cook loot hinted) And indeed a day I like a scalded cat (had the day off) and rushed vtosalon.69 Installation of shock absorbers under the hood 70 Installation of angelic eyes and lenses in the headlights tagliando 71 Set point in DRLs bumper 72 Side lights dimensions at the front and rear lamps 73 turn signal aveo in the bumper instead of standard (LED strip).It was nice to get into it and start the engine, take a ride on a little parking.An amount of 552000 rubles made in cash insurance and casco 43 rubles and kopecks.The design was designed by the Italian car company ItalDesign.Condition and impressions that betrayed cars were not describable Further registration and registration with the traffic police Here's a story here.Not a bit disappointed in it, and thank God!So I'll start my first post on this forum about your car, namely the Chevrolet aveo (2012, NEW, sonic all set out differently It all started long before that, I gained a truly a masterpiece of world automotive production industry.Every day, throughout the week, and phoned her on Saturday PTS has on hand.Transmission Automatic 6-speed transmission Gasoline Engine Type Power 115 hp / 85 kW 6000 / min Torque capacity of 155 Nm 4000 / min Dimensions Length mm Width mm Height mm Wheelbase mm Front track Rear track 1495 scheda mm The minimum turning radius.03.The street was beautiful weather, trees leaves appear, the weather was relatively warm, the birds were singing was the month of May!He has made a pledge of 10,000 rubles, made and signed the contract.

Gaze fell on her, and everything else just was cloudy and gray in comparison with.
Here tagliando is how it was!